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World Diabetes Day 2022: When is It? How Best to Observe It?
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A health condition that seems to affect every 1 out of 11 people in India, making the country the second most affected in the world. World Diabetes Day intends to raise awareness about this rapidly spreading condition and how to prevent it.

Did you know that India closely succeeds China in diabetes cases all over the world? Reports suggest that nearly 1 in every 11 persons in India have this condition, which makes Indians the second highest affected from diabetes just after the Chinese. Taking numbers into account, nearly 77 million people in India are diabetics. The World Diabetes Day 14th November is therefore observed to create and spread awareness about this lifestyle condition and its prevention among more people across the globe.

Here we look at when is World Diabetes Day, its history and importance, and how best to observe the day this year round.

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Why is World Diabetes Day 14th November Observed?

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14 every year to highlight the importance of preventing and treating the lifestyle condition called diabetes in a timely manner. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that is often the result of inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas.

Diabetes, however, is both treatable and preventable. This is why 14 Nov World Diabetes Day is observed to raise more awareness among the maximum number of people the world over about the causes, symptoms and preventive measures for diabetes.

World Diabetes Day: History

November 14 being observed as World Diabetes Day is not a recent phenomenon. The very first time this day was observed was on 14 November 1991 when the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced World Diabetes Day for the first time.

The significance of choosing this date was that it marks the 100th birth anniversary of Frederick Banting (born 1891), who was one of the two scientists primarily responsible for leading the research on the discovery of insulin. The World Diabetes Day was therefore announced to coincide with November 14th to raise awareness about diabetes the world over.

Significance of World Diabetes Day 14th November

With the constant increase in the number of diabetes cases in people the world over, the WHO has declared November 14 to be marked and observed as World Diabetes Day internationally. Here are some of the most crucial reasons why this day holds such significance across the globe:

  • In hope of preventing Type-2 diabetes: Diabetes is essentially a lifestyle condition, meaning it can be prevented by following a regular healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a healthy and balanced diet regularly, exercising, keeping yourself physically active and maintaining a healthy body weight. By following all these practices, the possibility of Type-2 diabetes can be significantly controlled and even avoided.
  • In an attempt to spread awareness about rising diabetes cases: As mentioned earlier in the blog, nearly 1 of every 11 Indians are diagnosed with diabetes every year. The World Diabetes Day is a sincere attempt to generate more awareness among the international community about diabetes, its symptoms, causes and even preventive measures so that timely treatment can be initiated.

World Diabetes Day Theme 2022

Every year on 14 November, World Diabetes Day is observed with a specific theme, which keeps changing yearly. The theme of the day propels certain actions towards the common goal of the event and therefore attracts people in large numbers.

The World Diabetes Day 2022 theme has been chosen as “education to protect tomorrow” and this is exactly what November 14th aims to achieve all over the world every single year. There is a dire need among the global citizens to be educated and informed about the rapidly spreading “diabetes pandemic” all over the world.

With timely diagnosis and medical intervention, diabetes can not just be controlled but also prevented. And this is what the people of the world need to be made aware of.

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How to Best Observe World Diabetes Day?

We’ve been talking about World Diabetes Day and what is in there for me, you’d think. It is worth noting here that each individual person, regardless of whether or not they are diagnosed with diabetes, can make a significant contribution towards preventing and controlling the spread of Type-2 diabetes.

Here are at least 3 ways in which you can be a part of the World Diabetes Day celebration and do your bit for a noble global cause:

  1. Raise awareness about diabetes among the maximum people. You can do your bit in spreading information about this health condition to people in your neighborhood or locality or even at your work place. The easiest way to generate awareness is by issuing and distributing information brochures in an attempt to make more people aware of the condition and its treatment methods.
  2. Make yourself a part of the Blue Circle. The Blue Circle is a commonly acceptable and identifiable symbol for awareness on diabetes across the world. On November 14, therefore, you can show your solidarity with the world in fighting this condition by wearing t-shirts or any piece of jewelry, bands, and the like, that contain the Blue Circle logo on the item.
  3. Get yourself tested. This is the first and the most crucial step indeed in the fight against diabetes. The diagnosis of the condition starts with a test which can help determine whether or not the person has type-2 diabetes. Note that sometimes the symptoms for diabetes may actually extend beyond excessive urination, uncontrollable thirst, too much hunger or food cravings, sudden loss or gain of weight, and the like.

It is therefore better to get yourself tested to know for sure whether or not you may be diagnosed with diabetes. Remember, an early diagnosis would pave the way for timely medical intervention to manage the symptoms better and to fight the health condition.

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Summing Up

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