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What would we tell them if aliens approached?  This expert made a shocking claim
Written by Arindam

Every day we get information about aliens. We have read about the existence of aliens in many reports. It is also true that scientists from all over the world are busy in contacting or finding clues to aliens. Now an Australian scientist has raised a question related to this. You also think if someday aliens contact us, then what will be our reaction. Australia’s well-known space expert has claimed that our politicians have no plan of what to do if they come in contact with aliens. Astronomer Professor Fred Watson has said that once scientists have contacted him, further action will be up to politicians. The astronomer said that as far as he is aware, we do not have any plans for this.

According to the report of dailystar, Professor Fred Watson said that if the scientists of the world contact aliens, then we have no such policy on how to start a conversation with them. Watson, 77, claimed that the leaders have no plan for this.

However, Professor Watson also admitted that the possibility of such a life is very small. Despite this, he did not completely rule out the existence of aliens.

In recent times, claims made about aliens have increased. Recently, there was news that scientists have received signals through the largest telescope installed in China. It was said that the world of a third planet has tried to make contact. However, such claims have been initially dismissed. At the same time, facts were presented in front of lawmakers in America regarding UFO i.e. Unidentified Flying Object. It was found in this that the number of such objects has increased in the last 20 years and no clue has been found about most of them.

The US space agency NASA has formed a team to prove the 143 unexplained objects observed since 2004.

The existence of aliens may have been denied through various forums, but Professor Watson’s claim has merit that if someday people from the third world contacted us, what would be our response. You don’t think that the countries of the world should make a policy about this.

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