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Weight Loss Tips Ear Chia Seed And Fruits Nuts Salad Healthy Snacks Recipe
Written by Arindam

Chia Nuts Salad: If you want to lose weight, then definitely include chia seeds in the diet. Many times when hungry, they eat unhealthy things, due to which weight gain starts. Today we are telling you to make such a healthy snack, which will not increase your weight and your health will also be good. You can make Fruit and Nuts Chia Salad for breakfast or if you feel hungry in the evening. This will also quench your hunger and this is also a turmeric option for you. Due to this, the body will get rich omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. Know how to make Chia and Nuts Salad.

Chia and Nuts Salad Recipe

1- Put 3 spoons of jaggery sugar in a nonstick pan and stir after adding a little water.
2- Add chopped pistachios and almonds to it and take it out.
3- Now to make chia seeds mix, take 1 cup cold coconut milk.
4- Add 3 spoons of chia seeds to it and add 2 spoons of maple syrup or honey to it.
5- You have to put half a teaspoon of vanilla essence and teaspoon of cinnamon powder in it.
6- Mix all the things well and keep it to swell overnight. Keep it in the fridge in the morning.
7- Now take a smoothie jar and first put the pieces of chopped papaya in it.
8- Then add a layer of chia seeds mix and then another layer of fruit like kiwi.
9- After this again add a layer of chia seeds.
10- Similarly, you can also add nuts to it like add a layer of figs
11- Similarly make a layer of all the fruits and a layer of chia seeds mix and keep adding it.
12- Add pomegranate seeds, roasted almonds and pistachios to garnish. We had roasted it with sugar.
13- You can put any fruit of your choice in it.
14- Chia Seed Fruit and Nut Salad full of flavor and health is ready.

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