weight loss story how this young mother lost a whopping 35 kgs in just 8 months

weight loss story how this young mother lost a whopping 35 kgs in just 8 months
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weight loss story how this young mother lost a whopping 35 kgs in just 8 months

When did the turning point come?

Priyanka says that after pregnancy my weight had increased a lot. I could not give myself time with a one year old baby and my weight increased to 90 kg. It was very shocking for me to weigh 90 kg at the age of 26. It was like I could not understand anything. I felt as if all my energy had been exhausted. Also my responsibilities as a new mother had increased, then I reduce weight gain after delivery decided to do. This was the turning point for me to get fit and lose weight.

workout and fitness regimen

Priyanka says that I focused the most on strength training and cardio workouts for weight loss. According to him consistency is the key to getting fit. At the same time, portion control can also help in keeping your diet under control. It is also very important to choose wisely what you eat.

How to keep yourself motivated

Priyanka says that the hardest part of the weightloss journey is keeping herself motivated all the time. Every day I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. While the increased weight after having a baby disappointed me, I also got motivated. Once the results start showing, this is the biggest motivational booster for you.

What problems did you face due to obesity?

According to Priyanka, my self-confidence was greatly reduced due to obesity. The situation was such that I had stopped taking care of myself. I even stopped caring about how I looked and what I wore. I was starting to feel very dull during this time.

What did you learn from losing weight

According to Priyanka, weightloss is a journey that teaches us patience and consistency. Not only does it make your body feel good, but it also improves mental health.

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What changes did you make in the lifestyle?

Priyanka says that to lose weight, she made two main changes in her lifestyle. first healthy food and second managing stress, Most importantly, I started prioritizing myself.

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