Water On Moon: Moon Has Water Under Its Surface To Host A Base University Of Colorado Research

Water On Moon: Moon Has Water Under Its Surface To Host A Base University Of Colorado Research
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Washington: The moon has always been a subject of curiosity for humans. Man has already stepped on it. But now planning to stay here is being done. Many space agencies want to build a base on the moon. Human life is not possible without water and running a base carrying water from the earth would be very costly. Regarding water on the moon, scientists believe that there is so much water under its surface that all the needs of the base will be met.

According to a study, gases emanating from ancient volcanic eruptions may have left an ice sheet hundreds of feet thick at the poles of the moon. Researchers believe that two to four billion years ago, a fifth of the vapor that was released may have been deposited in the crater. According to research from the University of Colorado, then the surface of the moon was covered with lava thousands of square miles long.
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Rocket fuel can also be made
Physicist Andrew Wilkoski said that due to the cooling of the moon, we believe that there will be water. Because over time there was a huge drop in temperature. Research co-author Prof Paul Hein said that if water is found on the moon, it will be a boon for the explorers. Along with drinking it, it can be used as rocket fuel.

moon pulling earth’s water
A research by the University of Alaska Fairbanks recently claimed that water arrived from Earth in the form of ice present under the moon’s stones. Scientists had said that when the moon passes through the Earth’s magnetosphere, it attracts water-forming ions.

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