Victorious Actor Avan Jogia On Launching A Poetry Substack

Victorious Actor Avan Jogia On Launching A Poetry Substack
Written by Arindam

His Substack audience is a fraction of that, with Typing W/ Feeling currently having just over 10,000 followers after launching two months ago. The goal is a “smaller, intimate community,” Jogia said, and the thrill of appearing directly in someone’s inbox.

“It feels like a private conversation,” he said. “I was craving out of this internet thing a strong sense of community, and maybe a way for us to make stuff and watch people make stuff, sort of like what it’s originally intended for.”

He longs for the intimacy of the “old internet,” he said, and has deleted many of his previous posts because they didn’t fit his “mood” anymore.

Occasionally, the Victorious videos disappear from his feed. Then they’ll reappear. “I’ve been deleting posts, putting them back up and deleting,” he said. “It’s chaos.”

Less chaotic, for him at least, is the newsletter, a rambling creative writing experiment that he said is the real him, or at least his pursuit of finding that real him, or, as he explained it, “telling the truth through lies.”

In the comments of his newsletter posts, he’ll often interact with his audience, replying with emojis and thank-yous. In a post about a dentist appointment, one commenter noted that perhaps they’ll finally admit they only floss before a visit. “Live honestly as the scattered, barely getting by, person you are,” Jogia wrote.

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