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Unhealthy Food: Health Tips Know Indian Food Desi Items Reason For Weight Gain
Written by Arindam

Unhealthy Food: Talking about Indian food, it has a complete combination of spicy, sour and sweet. Thinking about it makes the mouth water, but the mind does not get filled. Yes, if we talk about different dishes of many parts of India, then its list can never end. If the matter of tasting all these food comes in the mind of a person, then the stomach will be full but the mind will not. Yes, Indian dishes are so delicious as soon as they are there.

A healthy and fit body is an important part of our life and so is our desi food. But we need to find a balance between these two. We cannot control our mouth but we have to take care of fitness. We all must have noticed that there are some dishes which we cannot leave even if we want to, but here it also becomes the reason for our weight gain. But try to eat these things in moderation. Today we are telling you a list of some such indigenous food which causes weight gain.

  • Naan is found in every program of India, which is made of all purpose flour. A lot of calories are found in it. Now if you want to control your weight, you can replace it with roti or tandoori roti instead of naan.
  • The most popular snack available at every nook and corner of our country is Samosa. Which is made completely by frying in oil. It increases the weight rapidly.
  • Chicken is the life of India, without which non-veg people can hardly survive. Along with this, poori or Bhatore also works to increase weight.
  • The moong dal and semolina pudding made from fatak on any happy occasion is completely made of ghee, oil and sugar, which is likely to increase weight.
  • Everyone’s favorite aloo paratha with pickle and butter is full of calories during the winter season, which leads to weight gain.
  • Medu Vada made in South may taste delicious but it is made of lentils and is deep fried. Which is very difficult to digest.
  • Maggi is liked by everyone from the elders to the younger ones. Canned masala and fried noodles can never be healthier. Avoid Maggi and try to eat oats instead.

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