Ukrainian Army using electric bikes to transport anti-tank weapons amidst war with Russia | Electric Vehicles News

Ukrainian Army using electric bikes to transport anti-tank weapons amidst war with Russia | Electric Vehicles News
Written by Arindam

Ukrainians have resorted to every last thing they can do to survive the Russia-Ukraine war, pouring in their maximum efforts. They have done everything from using Molotov cocktails to finding innovative ways to send the message to the world to help them get weapons. In the list of efforts, they are now using electric bikes modified to quietly transport next-generation light anti-tank weapons (NLAWS) to fight against Russia.

Ukrainian Soldiers have been using electric bikes since the early days of the Russia-Ukraine war. They have been spotted using ELEEK e-bikes. The reason for using the bikes is actually their performance which is quieter and has fast acceleration compared to the normal internal combustion engine bikes. The stealth the bikes provide with the speed is crucial while patrolling in the war zone.

Pictures of the bikes have surfaced on social media platforms showing the modifications. The electric bikes have been tweaked with the crate in the back to carry weapons. In addition, the bikes have a missile launcher at the back. The task above is being performed by Delfast electric bikes.

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It is to be noted that both the brands mentioned, i.e., Delfast and ELEEK have Ukrainian origin. However, the companies have not officially sold the bikes to the Ukrainian military; instead, they have given them the bikes for the Russia-Ukraine war. Delfast’s CEO is a Ukrainian named Daniel Tonkopi and has shared pictures of the bikes on his Facebook page.

Delfast reinforced the facts by making it clear that the bikes were handed over through his Facebook posts, saying, “Does Delfast help the Armed Forces of Ukraine with electric bikes? Yup. We handed electric bikes to the frontline in the first weeks of the war, only we did not talk about it – some things we do quietly. Now we have received permission from the command, and we are posting photos. A container of NLAW missile is attached to the bike – you understand where and what our bikes are used for.”

In one other post on 29 May, he also said, “They are now scaring the Russian army with our electric bikes! Russian media write about our bikes, and this is a separate kind of art! Check this out; it’s absolutely beautiful!”

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