Twitter plans content moderation for decentralized project Bluesky

Twitter plans content moderation for decentralized project Bluesky
Written by Arindam
Twitter plans content moderation for decentralized project Bluesky

Micro-blogging site Twitter has started work on a decentralized social media project called ‘Bluesky’. Bluesky’s team has released codes for this. The commitment to moderate the content on this platform has also been reiterated. Decentralized social media aims to eliminate the control of big tech companies on such platforms.

These social networking apps will be based on blockchain and will operate on separate running servers. This will reduce the censorship of targeting. Two separate layers of speech and reach will be created for content moderation on Bluesky. “The speech layer can be as neutral as publishing a website. The reach layer will decide what is communicated over the network,” the developers at Bluesky said on Twitter. The developers say that they will give public information about Bluesky’s development. In this, the feedback received from the people will also be taken care of.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey started Bluesky about three years ago. The pace of this project increased last year. It has tried to incorporate features from certain crypto projects since its inception. These also include IPFS. It is a protocol that allows peer-to-peer file sharing.

Tesla chief Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter soon. Musk has begun efforts to fulfill his promise to rid Twitter of spammers and bots. In the same episode, Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks team, advised Musk to upgrade Dogecoin to make it more efficient and secure. Layer-2 solution can be used for this. After the upgrade, Musk can ask for a DOGE to post tweets on Twitter. There is no limit on posting tweets. This will create a large pool of DOGE that will be used to reward people who report spam posts on Twitter. However, if the post does not turn out to be spam, the person reporting it will lose their DOGE.

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