Tips To Check Adulteration In Watermelon Before Buy Or Eat It

Tips To Check Adulteration In Watermelon Before Buy Or Eat It
Written by Arindam
Tips To Check Adulteration In Watermelon Before Buy Or Eat It

Adulteration In Watermelon: Watermelon is the most consumed fruit in summer. Red, pink and yellow watermelons are as delicious as they look, they look equally beautiful. This is the reason that seeing their shame, one cannot live without eating them. Not only the taste but also there are many health benefits of eating watermelon in summer. Some of these directly affect health and some protect the body from diseases by giving confirmation from inside. That’s why you must know some benefits of eating watermelon.

  • Eating watermelon daily reduces the risk of heatstroke.
  • Watermelon keeps digestion better.
  • By eating it, the lack of water in the body is fulfilled.
  • Hydration is maintained.
  • Consumption of watermelon is helpful in cleaning the intestines.
  • Eating watermelon keeps the mind calm, removes restlessness and prevents the problem of nausea caused by heat.
  • Watermelon fulfills the lack of fiber in the body.
  • By eating watermelon, the body gets many essential nutrients, which give strength to fight the heat.
  • Consumption of watermelon is helpful in improving hemoglobin.

How to Buy Sweet Watermelon?

Before buying watermelon, it is important to know whether watermelon is sweet or not. So the first way to buy sweet watermelon is to try it by holding it in one hand and dab it with the other. Ripe watermelon makes a tup-tap-like sound and raw watermelon has a t-dap-like sound. This is the way to identify plain peeled watermelon. They are small in size.

striped watermelon
Now let’s talk about those watermelons which have stripes on them. So the method to identify sweet melon in these watermelons is to look for light green stripes present between its thick green lines. They are more dark and brighter in color than raw watermelon. Along with this, the thick green stripes are also carrying a slight blackness. When you identify with this method among many watermelons, you will see the difference clearly.

Identification of chemical-rich watermelon

Chemical-rich watermelon can be identified in most cases only after cutting it…

  • Identification with cotton: To know whether watermelon is ripe in the vine or has been cooked by injection, cut a piece and try it with a cotton swab with light hands. A naturally ripe watermelon, its very pale pink color will come on the cotton. Whereas the color of watermelon ripened by injection will look bright red on cotton.
  • Identification by water: You fill water in a vessel and cut a piece of watermelon and put it in the water. If the watermelon starts leaving a thick color immediately, then understand that it has been cooked with chemicals. Whereas naturally ripe watermelon discolors late, slowly dissolves in water and releases a lighter colour.
  • Identification by stalk: The part from which the watermelon is attached to the vine is colloquially called the stalk. Watermelon whose stalk has become dry and looks black or brown, then understand that it is ripe on the vine. Because the stalk of watermelon cooked by injection is green.
  • Yellow Patch: If any yellow and big patch is seen on the peel of watermelon, then there is a high possibility that this watermelon is ripe on the vine. Because the side from which there is a yellow mark on the peel of the watermelon, it is an indication that this side was placed on the earth when the watermelon was attached to the vine.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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