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Times the Billionaire Won Internet with Tweets on Aliens, Zombie Apocalypse
Written by Arindam

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELON MUSK: Business ideas aren’t the only thing, Elon Musk is innovative with. He is probably the coolest billionaire on social media and enjoys a crazy fan following thanks to his innovative tweets. Musk’s social media presence is such that his one tweet can bring the crypto market to halt. But it is not always business on Musk’s Twitter. The billionaire shares his takes on a varied range of topics sometimes to the extent of being bizarre. As he turns 51 today, we take a recap at his wildest tweets on business, aliens and the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

Alien Musk

When Musk says something, you must pay attention even when it’s a bizarre claim of being an alien. Responding to a Tweet that asked him if he was an alien, Musk replied, “Of course”. The original tweet featured an old video where Musk says that some people think that he is an alien, which is not true.

The connecting dots between Life and Video Game

The businessman Musk turned natural and saw a lot of similarities between life and video game. “If life is a video game, the graphics are great, but the plot is confusing & the tutorial is way too long,” Musk tweeted in 2019.

Acquiring and almost calling it off the Twitter deal on Twitter

A $44 billion deal is not something that you expect to hear about through social media especially when it’s one of the biggest social media deals in history. But with Musk, you can expect anything. The billionaire announced his plans to acquire Twitter through a tweet and later when the deal hit a roadblock, he even threatened to call the deal off.

A zombie apocalypse rumor

It has come to a point that anything about Musk doesn’t surprise the internet- not even his alleged plan to create a zombie apocalypse. But Musk decided to settle the rumors with a clarification tweet.

Musk and his “dad jokes”

Musk can probably do anything. Sometimes unknowingly too.

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