thomson discount offer: Thomson is offering amazing discount on home appliances from AC to TV and washing machine.

thomson discount offer: Thomson is offering amazing discount on home appliances from AC to TV and washing machine.
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New Delhi. Europe’s top consumer electronics company Thomson has introduced a great sale offer for users in which they can take advantage of huge discounts on Android TV, Air Conditioner and Washing Machine. This sale will be available from 23 May to 28 May 2022 on Flipkart Electronics Day Sale.

This French company is celebrating its fourth year in India this year. The Thomson company re-entered India in the year 2018 and since then the brand has managed to create a place in the hearts of the audience by achieving great success.

In the last few years, this company has continuously launched products of Smart TV, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner and Air Cooler for Indian consumers. In these four years the company has succeeded in establishing THOMSONHOMES which is the largest selling online consumer durable brand in India.

android tv
Thomson’s Android TV series comes with ultra-high definition resolution and HDR 10+. These Smart TVs are equipped with 40W sound output and features like Dolby MS 12, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSound to provide the users with the best audio experience.

Apart from this, the processors in these TVs are powered by Amlogic which offers a clocking speed of 1.4 Ghz and MEMC which makes the gaming experience of the users great.

Android 10 support is available in these TVs. These smart TVs also have the facility of in-built Chromecast and support Airplay. Apart from Google Assistant in the remote of these smart TVs, short cuts of Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and voice search will also be seen.

Washing machine

If we talk about Thomson’s washing machines, then they have been designed and tested according to Indian use. These washing machines also have a five star B-rating. The top load washing machines which are 6.5kg and 7.5kg models include features like Six Action Pulsator Wash which improves the overall performance of the washing machine.

Apart from this, these machines have air dry function which is provided for quick drying of clothes. Anti-vibration design is present in these washing machines so that their balance does not get disturbed. Apart from this, child lock feature is also present in these washing machines. It also has less noise.

The features of the front load model are also similar but with the feature of variable temperature. With this, users can also increase the temperature of the water. Crafted from a sheet body of metal, these machines are designed to deal with inclement weather conditions.

Thomson’s Fully Loaded Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine uses hot water and the machine’s inbuilt heater gives better washing of clothes. These machines come with IPX4 rating. Due to this, water splashes do not affect these washing machines.

air conditioner

Thomson’s air conditioners are available in fixed-speed and inverter segments. Each of these has a capacity of 1-ton and 1.5-tonne.

The cooling capacity of the AC can be controlled with the help of unique features like 4 in one convertible. This not only improves cooling but also helps in saving power. Apart from this, triple filter is also present in these ACs. These effective air filters ensure that the airflow remains clean despite rising pollution.

These air conditioners also include auto restart. This feature ensures that if there is a power cut, the AC will automatically use the previous settings when the power comes back. If a fault occurs during any operation, the AC displays the error code so that the machine can be protected from any damage.

The special thing is that they also have a special feature of sleep mode. By auto-adjusting this feature, the temperature of the room remains such that it is comfortable for sleep. These air conditioners come with a 1-year product warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty.

Avneet Singh Marwah, who heads the Thomson India brand licensee partner SPPL, is fully focused to dominate the market with a wide range of products in the online category of home appliances under one platform. It is worth noting that the Thomson brand is striving to grow rapidly every year by providing best technology and affordable prices to the Indian consumers.

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