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Manli Gallardo RTX 4090 Graphics Card
Written by Arindam

Here’s a novel idea for the RTX 4090 if you’re worried that the hefty graphics card might cause some sag in your PC case: a built-in spirit level.

Yes, you read that right: a European graphics card manufacturer by the name of Manli has come up with the idea of integrating a spirit level (actually a pair of them) into the board itself, on the side.

The phenomenon of sag is where the graphics card is so large and heavy that it pulls down on the PCIe slot and the motherboard it’s attached to, which over time has the potential to perhaps damage those components (or the card itself).

Manli Gallardo RTX 4090 Graphics Card

(Image credit: Manli)

The Manli Gallardo RTX 4090 is equipped with those two spirit levels so you can see if the board is sitting straight in its slot, or drooping down at all, and as VideoCardz (opens in new tab), which spotted this, points out, it also comes with a support bracket to help defend against the card sagging down.

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