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This cheap 43 inch Vizio TV is a bargain at under

It’s often very easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding deals and massive discounts on the largest and fanciest TVs. Sometimes, though, that’s not what’s needed. Sometimes, you’re just looking for a reasonably-sized, no-frills, super-cheap TV. We’ve got you covered with this Vizio 43-inch D-Series Full HD Smart TV at Walmart for just $224 (was $286) (opens in new tab).

It’s a perfectly respectable TV for a little over $200 as most others of a similar size are usually closer to $300. It also helps that this is only a full HD display when the vast majority of TVs on sale now support 4K – even at this smaller size. 

For your general day-to-day viewing, though, that image quality is entirely fine to watch your favorite shows and movies across the major streaming services at a budget price. Quite simply, it beats out anything else available right now in the latest Amazon sale and other retailers.

Today’s best cheap TV deal

The Vizio D-Series may not be the biggest name and up there as one of the best TVs in the world, but when we tested it we found it offered a surprising number of smart TV features at a low price. Picture quality is decent too, in spite of the fact it’s only a full HD display that has no HDR support. If you’re buying a smaller TV for around $200, though, these aren’t the features at the top of your must-have list. 

What you do get is access to major streaming apps, Chromecast and Apple AirPlay support to share content from your other devices with the TV, and voice controls. It’s only let down by poor sound quality, which could be resolved with one of these best soundbars for your budget if it becomes a serious issue. As far as cheap TVs go, though, it’s a compelling package.

If you want to check out a few other options available right now, we’ve gathered together even more of the week’s best TV deals here at TechRadar.

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