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Apple Watch is saving lives. We have been reading many such news, but an incident that has come out from America takes the benefits of gadgets a step further. Here with the help of Apple Watch, a woman was diagnosed with a deadly tumor. The woman reached the doctors at the right time and her life could be saved. The woman, who was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital, is recovering from her surgery. Talking to local media, he said that Apple Watch has really saved his life.

The girl’s name is Kim Durkey. CBS News has written in its report that even though she is now thanking her watch, she initially did not believe its alert. In May, Apple Watch alerted him for two consecutive days that his heart was in atrial fibrillation. This is a condition in which the flow of blood to the heart is reduced and the chances of blood clot formation increase.

Kim became active on the third night when Apple Watch sent a similar alert. He decided to go to the hospital. On examination it was found that his heart was beating irregularly. He had myxoma. It is a rare and rapidly growing tumor. This was cutting off the blood supply to the woman’s heart and at a level it could cause a stroke. When doctors asked the woman how she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, Kim said her watch gave the information. Apparently the Apple Watch did its job just in time and saved the woman before she got into critical condition. In the surgery on June 27, a tumor of 4 cm was removed from the woman’s body.

67-year-old Kim bought an Apple Watch to monitor her exercise. She did not even dream that with the help of this she would be able to stop a serious disease before it came. After 5 hours of open-heart surgery and 11 days in the hospital, she is now recovering at home.

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