The truth of ‘UFO’ seen in the sky 27 years ago came to the fore, scientists made this claim

The truth of ‘UFO’ seen in the sky 27 years ago came to the fore, scientists made this claim
Written by Arindam
The truth of ‘UFO’ seen in the sky 27 years ago came to the fore, scientists made this claim

UFOs, also known as ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’, have remained a mystery to the world for years. There are many incidents in which people have claimed that they saw UFOs. One such incident happened in the year 1995. America’s West Flight 564 was going from Texas to Las Vegas. Two of its pilots claimed that they had encountered a UFO during the journey. Now after so many years, scientists have removed the curtain from this incident. Astronomers have said that the object may not have been a UFO, but a celestial body.

Talking about that incident, Captain Eugene Tolfson and his co-pilot John Waller were present along with the passengers and cabin crew on the flight. His flight attendant noticed something strange in the sky. There was no communication between the plane and the UFO, but the crew reported seeing a strange light in the sky, reports Mirror UK. John Waller wanted more information and told Air Traffic Control in New Mexico.

Waller told ATC we saw some strobes, can you tell us what it is? When ATC asked for more information, Waller told that there is a strobe, which is shining and its length is very long. ATC did not find evidence of any object on the radar system. For a time ATC thought there might be a military plane. ATC contacted the Air Force base. From there the reply was received that there is no military movement in the sky tonight. Since then this incident remained a mystery.

Now in the Smithsonian Channel documentary ‘UFO Declassified: Pilot Eyewitness’, astronomers try to find out what the pilots saw. In the documentary, SETI Institute’s lead astronomer Seth Shostak said that these kinds of things sometimes fool us. It was explained in the documentary that that object could be a ‘celestial body’. It has been explained that a planet or star from an altitude of 30 thousand feet can create the illusion of a UFO.

In this regard, Dr. Michael D. Robertis, Professor of Astronomy at York University in Toronto, said that pilots have a record of seeing such things in the sky. He said that there are no astronomy and astrophysics courses in the training of pilots, which are necessary to some extent. He said that our sky is full of mysteries, but they are not all UFOs.

Mark Rodeghier, scientific director of the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago, said that we have entered a new phase of detecting and tracking UFO occurrences in real time. Technology has got better. The software tools have also been updated. This has attracted people interested in UFOs.

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