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You must have heard the name of Buzz Aldrin. He is the second person to walk on the Moon and the only person who has returned from the historic Apollo 11 mission of the American space agency NASA, who is still alive. Buzz Aldrin is going to auction some special items later this month on July 26. These include artifacts, mementos, etc. related to the 1969 Moon mission and other NASA missions. It is expected to get good prices for many of these items. This auction will be completed through well-known company Sotheby’s.

According to the report, the most talked about jacket in this auction, which was worn by Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. Above the Apollo 11 mission patch in the jacket is the serial number 1039 and ‘E. Aldrin’ is printed. Sotheby’s estimates that the jacket could sell for up to $2 million at auction. The auction will be the only chance that the jacket worn during the Moon landing mission can be made your own. This is because the jackets worn by Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, who were part of this mission with Aldrin, are part of the museum.

In addition, a broken circuit breaker switch will also be auctioned off. Along with it will also be the tip pen, which used to ignite the engine when the switch failed. The circuit breaker switch and pen are expected to be auctioned for between $1 million and $2 million. The auction will also include the rare system activation checklist that Aldrin took with him to the Moon and brought it back. One thing to note is that the crew members were instructed to leave all non-essential items on the Moon itself. It is expected to fetch 1.5 to 2.5 million dollars from its auction.

Note that Aldrin is the only surviving crew member of the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. His colleague, Collins, died last year. Amidst the increasing interest in the world’s space, the auction of things related to the previous missions is making a lot of headlines. Recently, the auction of soil brought from the Moon under the Apollo 11 mission was also held, but NASA interrupted it at the last moment. Nothing like that is expected to happen this time.

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