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A leaked render showing the Google Pixel 7 Pro
Written by Arindam

The Google Pixel Fold may use old cameras and that

The long-rumored folding phone from Google, the Google Pixel Fold presumably, is now in the manufacturing stage, according to a leak spotted by our friends at PhoneArena (opens in new tab). A tipster on the Chinese social media platform Weibo claims that Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer and assembly plant for many top consumer electronics companies, is currently making two new Google phones. One is the Google Pixel Fold, and the other may be the Google Pixel 7 Ultra. 

The leak suggests that the Google Pixel Fold may use the same cameras as the Pixel 5, something in the 12-megapixel range, as well as a 16-megapixel wide-angle camera. This may disappoint folks looking for flagship specs all around, but it won’t be surprising to those of us who have followed other foldable phone launches. 

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