The Amazon sales could be a great chance to upgrade your PC – if you choose wisely-Newshubweek

Intel Raptor Lake AMD Ryzen 7000
Written by Arindam

In the calm before the storm of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, next week we’ll be treated to Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale, a sort of miniature Prime Day event that kicks off on October 11. As the name implies, this sale features deals exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers and will serve as the first wave of discounts before the chaos of Black Friday.

We don’t know if the Early Access sale will include any particularly juicy deals on computer components, but discounts are going to start stacking up from next week, likely escalating gradually until the floodgates open closer to Thanksgiving. With that in mind, we’re conscious that many PC gamers will likely be keeping an eye out for deals on computer components to upgrade their gaming rigs.

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