Teacher’s Salary Are At Various Level In India Due To Different Criteria In Cities, State

Teacher’s Salary Are At Various Level In India Due To Different Criteria In Cities, State
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Teacher’s Salary & Pay Scale: Teachers are seen with great respect in the country and there is great respect for them in all sections of the society. Teachers are seen as the future builders of the students and the curiosity to know how much salary they get for this must be in your mind.

average salary of teachers
The salary of teachers in India has been considered as an average of Rs 17.5 thousand per month on the basis of 2.1 lakh per annum. It has been concluded by talking to 20536 teachers in different states and cities in the country.

Average salary of teachers based on experience

  • The salary of teachers with minor experience can go up to Rs 2.90 lakh annually and teachers with experience of up to 1 year can also be kept under this.
  • For teachers who have more experience and hold on the subject, the salary scale of Rs 5.30 lakh can go annually.
  • There is also a big difference in the salary of government and private school teachers and under this the average salary of a government teacher can range from Rs 2.3 lakh to Rs 8.4 lakh annually.
  • On the other hand, the salary ratio for private school teachers can range from Rs 2.80 lakh per annum to Rs 5 lakh per annum.

Teachers Salary – Know Some Facts

  • The salary of an experienced teacher can be up to Rs 50 lakhs per annum and the average salary for new teachers coming to this field can be up to Rs 2.90 lakhs per annum satisfactory.
  • The salary of teachers also depends on the level of classes they are taking, for example, primary teachers can get an average salary of Rs 15,000, while high school teachers can get up to Rs 22,000 a month.
  • Government teachers can get an average monthly salary of Rs 35,000, while teachers taking classes at this level can also get Rs 15,000 per month, which is 22 percent less than the national average teachers salary.

Which cities have the highest salary of teachers
Some cities of the country are more suitable for teachers’ salary and include the names of cities like Pune, Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Gurgaon.

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