Taxpayers, ALERT! Income Tax Dept issues warning against fraud messages, check how to stay safe | Personal Finance News

Taxpayers, ALERT! Income Tax Dept issues warning against fraud messages, check how to stay safe | Personal Finance News
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New Delhi: The number of cyber crimes has been increasing in the country at an alarming rate in the past few years. Several government organisations are taking note of how fraudsters are duping Indian citizens. In a bid to protect users from falling into the traps, the Income Tax Department cautioned the public on how they can safeguard themselves from scamsters. Taking it to Twitter, the Income Tax Department advised Indian citizens not to share their personal or financial details with anyone. The department pointed out that it never asks for any such details.

“Beware of fraudulent messages being circulated in the name of the Income Tax Department! Please do not share your personal or financial details as the Department never asks for such details,” the Income Tax Department said in its tweet.

The Income Tax Department also shared a recent PIB Fact Check tweet that alerted the public from falling prey to lottery scams. PIB’s fact checking department had pointed out that the Income Tax department isn’t running any lucky draw schemes. 

“E-mails and messages are being circulated by fraudsters with a false claim that the recipient has won a lottery. #PIBFactCheck…Beware of such lottery scams!…Do not share your personal or financial information on such calls, emails and messages,” PIB Fact Check had said in its tweet.

With the rising number of banking frauds, several banks in India, time and again, have issued circulars sharing information on how their customers can safeguard themselves from scams that can empty their bank accounts. Also Read: Paradeep Phosphates IPO ends: Today’s GMP indicate a discount listing? Check subscription status, listing price and other details

Recently, the State Bank of India (SBI) issued a warning to customers about an alleged phishing fraud that has been spreading across the country. SBI phishing scam uses the bank’s name to defraud people of money via various channels including tweets, SMSes, and emails, the lender pointed out in its cautionary note to customers. Also Read: Repo rate hike: EMIs may go up, but depositors of THIS segment will benefit, say experts

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