Taliban Pakistan Relations have shifted from friends to foes over a host of security and territory issues After TTP Attacks on Pakistan Army

Taliban Pakistan Relations have shifted from friends to foes over a host of security and territory issues After TTP Attacks on Pakistan Army
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Taliban Pakistan Relations have shifted from friends to foes over a host of security and territory issues After TTP Attacks on Pakistan Army

Kabul: The relationship between Pakistan and Taliban is not hidden from anyone. Pakistan was the first to welcome the Taliban’s occupation of Kabul. The Imran Khan government of that time had termed Taliban fighters as Mujahideen brothers and friends of Pakistan. The then Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid himself publicly admitted that the relatives of Taliban terrorists were taking refuge in his country. When injured, these terrorists are treated on Pakistani soil. Despite having such a strong friendship, at present the situation is such that Pakistan and Taliban are becoming known enemies of each other. The Taliban have complained about Pakistan from Kabul to the United Nations. Not only this, the Taliban has also increased the deployment of its fighters on the Durand Line with Pakistan to give a befitting reply to the Pakistani advocacy.

Pakistan-Taliban relations changed in the last eight months
Relations between Pakistan and the Taliban have turned from friendship to enmity over security and regional issues in just eight months. However, Pakistan does not yet believe that the Taliban is providing shelter to terror groups that are carrying out deadly cross-border attacks into their country. Actually, these days Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has kept the Pakistani army in the nose. Many Pakistani army personnel have been killed in the attack by these terrorists, while a large number of civilians have died and public property has been damaged. This is the reason that Pakistan has crossed the border and entered Afghanistan and carried out air strikes many times. A large number of civilians have also been killed in these air strikes of the Pakistani Air Force. This is the reason why the Taliban government has issued a stern warning to Pakistan.

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Pakistan going to help Taliban opponents
Now a report in Asia Times has claimed that Pakistan is now considering ending support to the Taliban. The situation has become such that Pakistan has secretly started giving help to the anti-Taliban forces operating in Afghanistan. The decision comes at a critical time when the Taliban administration in Afghanistan is struggling to gain foreign recognition. Along with this, reports of an international news agency have been told that many anti-Pakistan terrorist organizations including TTP are living comfortably on the land of Afghanistan. Not only this, these terrorist groups are also working independently.

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Pakistan is irritated by the presence of TTP terrorists in Afghanistan
TTP is said to have links with Al Qaeda. The TTP, also known as the Pakistani Taliban, aims to establish a Shariat government in Islamabad. A TTP terrorist recently told that TTP fighters feel very comfortable after coming to the Taliban government in Kabul. They can now move around freely and have no fear of drone attacks. Due to this they can easily meet and talk to each other. Due to this the concern of Pakistan has increased. These days, Pakistani officials are heard demanding the Taliban government to expel these terrorists from their land.

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Taliban and Pakistan face to face due to Durand Line dispute
Durand Line is also the main reason for increasing tension in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Pakistani army is doing cordon on the Durand Line. This is not acceptable to the Taliban at all. Due to this, there have been many exchanges of firing between the Pakistani army and Taliban terrorists. The Durand Line was recognized as the boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the British colonial era. It was considered neither by the civil administration of Afghanistan nor by the Taliban fighters. The Taliban claim that the tribal areas along the border are part of Afghanistan, while Pakistan claims them as its own.

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