sweets before meals: ayurvedic expert shares reason why we should consume sweets before meal

sweets before meals: ayurvedic expert shares reason why we should consume sweets before meal
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sweets before meals: ayurvedic expert shares reason why we should consume sweets before meal

Many people have a craving for sweet food after dinner or lunch. Some people keep any sweet thing in their food plate, so that in the end it can be enjoyed. People feel that it is a healthy habit to consume it after eating. According to him, this good digestion happens, while it is not. This habit is said to be wrong in Ayurveda. According to him, any sweet thing should be eaten before the meal.

According to experts, very few people know about eating sweets at the right time. According to him, eating sweets during meals increases ‘ojas’ i.e. body strength and ‘ama’ i.e. toxicity in the body. This method has been going on in Ayurveda for a long time. Following which helps in keeping the body healthy. However, many people are unaware of these rules of eating sweets. In such a situation, this mistake made by them has a profound effect on health.

If you also eat sweets after meals, then change your habit immediately. There itself Ayurvedic Expert Nitika Kohli Has shared a post about it on his Instagram account. Through this post, he has given many reasons behind doing this.

Know why sweets should be eaten first and not after meals

it takes time to digest

Many people feel that eating sweets after a meal improves the process of digestion. That’s why most people follow this thing, while according to Ayurvedic experts, the first rule of eating sweet is to eat it before the meal. This is because it takes the longest time to digest it. Due to which you may have other problems.

Digestion can be a problem

By eating sweet things first, there is a flow of digestive secretions. On the other hand, when you do it after a meal, the speed of digestion slows down. Explain that due to late digestion, there is a fear of constipation or other stomach related problems. So try to eat sweets before starting the meal.

test buds will be active

Apart from digestion, the taste buds are activated by eating sweets first in the food. This makes the taste even better. At the same time, eating it in the end can cause stomach irritation. At the same time, problems like indigestion or sour belching may start due to fermentation and indwelling.

This mistake can take a toll on your health

Some people choose healthier options in sweets, like jaggery or dates etc. However, there are some people who start eating sugar at the end of the meal. This mistake will not only harm your health, but it can also start the problem of gas or bloating in the stomach. Due to bloating, there is a feeling of bloating and discomfort in the stomach all the time.

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