sun on earth: making ‘sun on earth’ a few steps away from scientists

sun on earth: making ‘sun on earth’ a few steps away from scientists
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Washington: Money is being spent all over the world like water to get clean and clean energy sources. Alam is that now the discussion of bringing Helium-3 from the moon has also intensified. Meanwhile, scientists are creating a sun on Earth that will be able to meet the energy needs of humans for eternity. Thousands of scientists from 35 countries are participating in the making of this sun in the St. Paul Lez Durance area of ​​France. Once this sun is ready, then the biggest crisis in human history will end. Not only this, the earth, which is suffering from the havoc of climate change, will also get freedom from this catastrophe. Through this, energy equivalent to 8 tons of oil can be created from just 1 gram of nuclear fuel.

These scientists are striving to gain their mastery over nuclear fusion in order to gain their mastery over it. Nuclear fusion is the same process that occurs naturally in our real Sun and other stars. However, repeating this process on earth is not as easy. Unlike fossil fuels, nuclear fusion provides unlimited energy. The good thing is that in nuclear fusion, no greenhouse gas is released at all. Along with this, the radioactive waste coming out of the energy currently being generated through nuclear fission will also get rid of. The energy released from this can be estimated from the fact that just 1 gram of nuclear fuel can generate energy equivalent to 8 tons of oil.
navbharat timesChina is increasing the temperature of its fake ‘sun’, already 10 times hotter than the sun
Britain gets energy from nuclear fusion
This is happening for the first time in history when this can be proved to be true. Earlier in February, British scientists had succeeded in generating energy based on 59 megajoules of nuclear fusion near Oxford for 5 seconds. This energy was created through the tokamak machine. With the help of this energy, one day electricity could be supplied to a house. At the same time, more energy was spent in making it. However, according to scientists, it was a historic occasion in itself. This proved that nuclear fusion is actually possible on Earth. Britain’s success is great news for France’s International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project.


Earth’s sun is being formed in France, a few steps scientist

Its main objective is to prove that the fusion can be used commercially. If this happens, then the world will no longer need fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Due to these fossil fuels, there is a crisis of climate change on the earth. After the success of Britain, now the work in France has increased very fast. However, with this a big problem has started and the scientists working on this project are facing it. The director general of the project, Bernard Bigot, died of illness on 14 May. He led the project for 7 years. He said, ‘Energy is life’. He said that when there were less than 1 billion people on earth, there were enough ways to meet the energy needs. Although this is no longer the case, the world population has reached 8 billion and the period of climate change has intensified.
navbharat timesChina’s ‘Sun’ created a new world record, 70 million degree Celsius energy, world in tension
What is Nuclear Fusion Reaction?
According to scientists, the nuclear fusion reaction produces a temperature of 150 million degrees Celsius. This produces a plasma in which the isotopes of hydrogen (deuterium and tritium) fuse together to form helium and neutrons. In this experiment, in the beginning, heat is generated from the reaction, for this energy is consumed, but once the reaction starts, then energy is also generated due to the reaction. ITER is the first reactor that aims to produce more energy as a byproduct of the reaction than is used to initiate a nuclear fusion reaction.

Learn why ITER is important?
ITER, being built in France, will be the first device that can continue the fusion reaction for a long time. ITER will test integrated technology and materials that will be used for commercial production of electricity based on fusion. If this experiment is successful on a large scale as a carbon-free source, then the world can have unprecedented benefits in the field of clean energy in the future. Its first idea of ​​the experiment was launched in 1985. Thousands of engineers and scientists from its member countries China, European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States have played an important role in its design.

What role is India playing in ITER?
India joined this experiment in the year 2005. Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering has fabricated the lid of a cryostat made of 4,000 tonnes of stainless steen. Apart from this, India is manufacturing upper-lower cylinders, shielding, cooling systems, cryogenic systems, heating systems. The cryostat is a 30 meter high and 30 meter diameter cylinder that will act as a giant fridge and will serve to cool the fusion reactor. It is the largest ship of its kind in the world. Apart from India’s giant L&T, 200 companies and 107 scientists are associated with this project.

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