Subramanian swamy indian army in sri lanka: Sri Lanka media

Subramanian swamy indian army in sri lanka: Sri Lanka media
Written by Arindam
Subramanian swamy indian army in sri lanka: Sri Lanka media

Colombo: Amidst the civil war-like situation in Sri Lanka, there has been a huge uproar in the social media in Sri Lanka on the demand of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy to send the Indian Army. People protesting in Sri Lanka were furious on this demand of Subramanian Swamy, who is considered very close to the ruling Rajapaksa family in Sri Lanka. The protesters gave a befitting reply to Swami.

Swamy tweeted, ‘India must definitely send the Indian Army to restore the constitutional position. At present, the anti-India foreign forces are taking advantage of the anger of the people. It affects the national security of India. Swamy did not directly name Sri Lanka at first but later said that his statement was about Sri Lanka.

In another tweet, Swamy said, “In 1987, Sri Lankan President Jayawardene had made an agreement to bring in Indian troops so that normalcy can be restored in Northern Sri Lanka. We were successful and local elections were also held. But when Premadasa’s government came in Colombo, it rapidly started providing money and weapons to LTTE (Tamil terrorist organisation). After being betrayed, we called back our Indian Peace Keeping Force.

On this demand of the BJP MP, the protesters of Sri Lanka have turned red and they are venting outrage on social media. A user, Chathu, tweeted to Swami and said, ‘What? How will this affect India? My dear Indian friends, being a Sri Lankan citizen, we assure you that there are no anti-India foreign forces involved here. Swamiji, I want to say with full respect that you should concentrate on your work.’

Another user Lam Kesra said, ‘Swami ji I can understand your pain when the rule of your family friend Rajapaksa is on the path of collapse. We Sri Lankans can take care of it. You go on with your own business. So far hundreds of people have commented on this tweet of Swami. Let us tell you that in view of the increasing violence in Sri Lanka, the armed forces have been ordered to open fire on anyone who causes personal harm or damages/robs the property of others.

Eight people, including a ruling party politician, a police officer and civilians, have been killed since Monday’s violence, while 219 injured are being treated in government hospitals. Protesters torched the homes of ruling party leaders and the family members of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Not only this, an attempt has also been made to burn down the official residence of Mahinda Rajapaksa, a close aide of Swami, while the ancestral house was burnt to ashes.

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