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Value Electronics 2022 TV shootout -TVs arrayed in dark room
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Value Electronics, an A/V retailer located just outside New York City, has been conducting an annual ‘TV Shootout’ for nearly two decades. The Shootout traditionally gathers a panel of TV testing experts and puts them in front of the best 4K TVs to decide which one is the absolute best – an honor that Sony earned this year for its A95K QD-OLED model.

With the rise of 8K TVs, the Value Electronics test has expanded in 2022 to include a separate test for that category, with LG’s Z2 OLED model taking the 8K crown at this year’s Shootout.

4K TVs competing in the 2022 TV Shootout: 

  • LG G2 Gallery Series OLED
  • Samsung QN95B Quantum Dot mini-LED
  • Samsung S95B QD-OLED
  • Sony XR-A95K QD-OLED (winner)
  • Sony XR-X95K mini-LED

8K TVs competing in the 2022 TV Shootout:

  • LG Z2 OLED (winner)
  • Samsung QN900B Quantum Dot mini-LED
  • Sony XR-Z9K mini-LED TV

Value Electronics TV shootout - Robert Zohn in front of TV array

Robert Zohn of Value Electronics addressing participants in the 2022 TV Shootout. (Image credit: Value Electronics)

To create an even playing field for the evaluation, each TV is first adjusted by a professional TV calibrator. The sets are then arrayed side by side along with a 32-inch Sony professional broadcast reference monitor, and fed test patterns and regular movie scenes over a video distribution network. This arrangement allows for the expert participants to evaluate the TVs simultaneously, with their votes tabulated to determine the winner in each category.

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