Skin Care Tips In Summer What Is Toner For Face How To Make Natural Fruit Toner At Home

Skin Care Tips In Summer What Is Toner For Face How To Make Natural Fruit Toner At Home
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Homemade Fruit Toner: When it comes to skin care, cleaning, toning and moisturizing are the most important things in this. What do people do to make the skin beautiful and glowing? People use expensive products one by one, so that the skin remains young and beautiful for a long time. However, nowadays there are many people who want to avoid chemical products and instead use some home and natural products. If you also want to use natural products, then today we are teaching you to make toner with the help of fruits. You can make skin toner from many fruits like orange and kiwi. Let us know how to make fruit toner.

1- Make a toner with pomegranate juice- Toner made from pomegranate juice is good for aging skin. For this, take 1/4 cup of green tea and mix 1/8 cup of pomegranate juice in it. You have to add 1/8 cup of water to it. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray this toner on the face after the face wash.

2- Toner from orange juice- To clean the complexion and make a toner rich in vitamin C, you take 4 teaspoons of orange juice. Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice, a little lavender essential oil in it. Now put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the face.

3- Strawberry juice toner- Strawberry toner provides a natural glow to your skin. For this, take the juice of 5-6 strawberries and add rose water to it. Now filter it and fill it in an airtight bottle. You apply it on the face with the help of cotton.

4- Toner from kiwi juice- You can also prepare toner at home from kiwi. For this, mash 1 kiwi in a bowl or grind it in a mixer after adding some water. Now add 3-4 teaspoon rose water, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon lemon juice in it. Strain all the ingredients and fill the kiwi toner in a spray bottle. Use it after washing face at night.

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