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Shokz OpenComm UC on a gray surface
Written by Arindam

Shokz OpenComm UC: One-minute review

The Shokz OpenComm UC is for one specific type of user. If you want something to immerse you in soundscapes or virtual worlds, then this is not for you. Its sound quality is best for casual use. So, who’s it for then?

Those that work from home and are tired of constantly having 300+ grams of plastic on their head or those that are always on the phone will greatly appreciate this bone conduction headphone’s comfort and mic quality. Even the sound quality lends itself well to listening to other people’s voices. This is one of the few headsets where it’s ok that the mic outperforms the audio, especially considering that the Shokz OpenComm UC is so light that wearing it is about on par with wearing a pair of sunglasses.

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