Shay Mitchell Pretty Little Liars Dollface Interview

Shay Mitchell Pretty Little Liars Dollface Interview
Written by Arindam

Last week, Shay Mitchell squeezed us into her schedule to talk about Pretty Little Liars, Dollface, motherhood, her partnership with Hydralyte, and so much more! As a huge Shay fan, I couldn’t think of a better what to spend a morning than chatting with her about our shared favorite Filipino dishes and gushing over #Emison. Here’s everything we talked about (spoilers ahead for PLL, The Perfectionists, and Dollface!):

1. What are you currently binge-watching?

I’m almost done with Ozark, so there’s that. I finished Yellowstone, which I was obsessed with. Also, Money Heist was one of my favorite shows of last year.

2. Who have you been the most starstruck by?

I think Beyoncé. I’m a big fan, and everybody knows that. But honestly, at the end of the day, I think that everybody is just people. I meet some people sometimes and I’m like, “Oh, I’m in awe of your talent.” And that’s more exciting to me than meeting a celebrity. If I meet a great photographer who shoots for National Geographic, I’m more starstruck by that than the actual person just because they’re a celebrity, you know?

3. You shared a lot about your first pregnancy and your mental health while going through it. What’s something about mental health and pregnancy you wished more people talked about?

I think the first time around, it was super important for me to talk about prepartum depression. I hadn’t heard much about it, which is why I kind of went on a whole thing speaking about my experience. I wanted people to feel like they weren’t “crazy,” like they weren’t alone if they weren’t feeling like a glorious goddess during their pregnancy. It’s okay to actually not feel amazing. That doesn’t mean that you’re not grateful to be pregnant — I am extremely grateful. But there were also times where I was like, this is shitty. And that’s okay! We don’t all have to be pregnant, glowing goddesses the whole entire time.

4. How did you first become involved with Hydralyte?

I’ve always been an avid water consumer. This time around, obviously, I was pregnant, and so I was a bit more tired and sluggish. But there was something else that just wasn’t kicking in. I was talking to my doctor and they were like, “You need more electrolytes, try adding these in.” I’m not a fan of sports drinks or coconut water, just because there’s so much sugar in them. So, my friend recommended Hydralyte and I became a super fan of it. I loved it, did my research on it, and was like, “Oh my God, this is awesome. I want to work with them.” Partnering with them — and now maybe coming out with my own little something, something — it’s just cool because it really helped me with my [second] pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I sat in bed and watched Game of Thrones. But this time around, I’ve gotta keep it moving.

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