Shani Dev Upay On 7 May Saturn Transit In Aquarius And Jupiter In Pisces

Shani Dev Upay On 7 May Saturn Transit In Aquarius And Jupiter In Pisces
Written by Arindam
Shani Dev Upay On 7 May Saturn Transit In Aquarius And Jupiter In Pisces

Shani Dev, Shani Ke Upay: Saturn’s zodiac has changed. At present, Shani Dev is sitting in his own zodiac sign Aquarius, where he is making a conjunction with the planet Mars. In astrology, the combination of Saturn and Mars is not considered very good. This combination does not give auspicious results in life. It is believed that when this situation is created in the horoscope, then the possibility of sudden loss becomes very strong.

In order that this conjunction of Saturn and Mars does not have any negative effect on you, Saturday is becoming a good combination to remove inauspiciousness. In the scriptures, Saturday is considered auspicious for the worship of Shani Dev. Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Shani Dev is pleased by worshiping on Saturday. The defects of Shani are removed by worshiping them methodically. On May 7, a special coincidence is being made for the worship of Shani Dev.

What’s special on May 7th? (7 May 2022)
According to the Panchang, Saturday, May 7, 2022 is the sixth date of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. Along with this, on May 7, the Moon will remain in Cancer and Punarvasu Nakshatra. The lord of Punarvasu Nakshatra is considered to be Guru Brihaspati. Those who will remain seated in their own zodiac on this day. Jupiter will be present in Pisces on 7th May. The special thing is that both Shani and Guru will be present in their own zodiac i.e. house. When a planet is placed in its own sign, its power increases and gives auspicious results.

remedies of saturn

  1. Worship Shani Dev in Shani temple.
  2. Offer mustard oil and black sesame seeds.
  3. Recite Shani Mantra and Shani Chalisa.
  4. Black colored umbrella should be donated.
  5. Serve the patients.

Doing the work given by Shani makes you very angry

  1. Don’t lie
  2. Do not get angry.
  3. Don’t insult those who work hard.
  4. Do not use money to harm others.
  5. Stay away from the situation of controversy and tension.
  6. Do not spoil the speech.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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