samsung smartphone: Samsung Galaxy F23 5G has a strong feature like voice focus which is not in any phone, it is packed with more than one features – samsung galaxy f23 5G packed with voice focus feature which you will not get in any other phone

samsung smartphone: Samsung Galaxy F23 5G has a strong feature like voice focus which is not in any phone, it is packed with more than one features – samsung galaxy f23 5G packed with voice focus feature which you will not get in any other phone
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samsung smartphone: Samsung Galaxy F23 5G has a strong feature like voice focus which is not in any phone, it is packed with more than one features – samsung galaxy f23 5G packed with voice focus feature which you will not get in any other phone

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy F23 5G smartphone with many great features, which you will get to see in this phone for the first time. This smartphone has been designed keeping in mind the younger generation, which you will get with huge discounts in Flipkart Big Savings Day Sale right now. This is the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor phone launched under the Galaxy F Series, in which you will get voice focus feature and power cool technology for the first time. Keeping in mind the needs of the younger generation, this latest smartphone has been designed.

Galaxy F23 5G has many more features that have been given for the first time, such as this latest smartphone was launched with 120Hz Gorilla Glass 5 display, first time RAM Plus feature and 50MP triple camera setup with 123 degree ultra-wide lens. Is. Wondering how much the Galaxy F23 5G will cost you? Don’t worry, Samsung has priced the Galaxy F23 5G very well keeping the youth in mind. But during the Flipkart Big Savings Day Sale that started from May 3, the 4GB + 128GB variant of Galaxy F23 5G will be available for Rs 13,999* after discount and Rs 14,999* after 6GB + 128GB variant discount.

You can watch this video made by Samsung to better explain the features given in Galaxy F23 5G. With this smartphone Samsung has started a ‘Frevolution’ which will change our expectations from a mid-range smartphone. Let us tell you in detail about Galaxy F23 5G.

Power-packed performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor


Focusing on the needs of the youth, the Samsung brand understands the pulse of this generation. The demand is for a smartphone that can help them complete their work faster or help them play games. Overall, the youth need a smartphone that can meet their needs. Keeping an eye on such demands, Samsung has packed the Galaxy F23 5G smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor.

Let us know that this is the first smartphone of Galaxy F Series to come with this chipset. To prove its mettle, the Snapdragon 750G processor ensures faster processing, better multitasking and enhanced HDR gaming experience. While all these features are expected in smartphones coming in the upper mid-range segment, but Samsung has given this processor in this price segment to meet the needs of the customers.

This smartphone can improve your gaming experience without any frame drop or lag. The processor is designed for those who like to use multiple apps at once, which makes multitasking easy. There is another aspect of this processor that makes the smartphone future-ready, let us tell you that you will get this smartphone with 12 5G bands which will ensure you fast connectivity when 5G network becomes available in future.

Loaded with smart features like voice focus


We are sure that at some point of time you must have come across a situation where you have to call your friend or any family member and there will be so much noise around you that neither you nor the person in front will be able to hear. Samsung clearly heard about this problem and brought the Voice Focus feature to the Galaxy F23 5G for the first time. This feature is coming to the Galaxy F Series for the first time, it is a feature without which we cannot imagine our life.

Let us know that the Voice Focus feature brings clarity during voice calls. This feature cuts the ambient noise to ensure that your voice is in focus and the person in front can hear you clear and loud and that too when you are in a party, traffic jam or market. To enable this feature, all you have to do is tap on the Voice Focus icon on the dialer screen and then simply cut out the noise around you, this feature will give you crystal clear voice calls.

Always stay on top with Power Cool Technology


What is one frustrating aspect with a smartphone that can ruin your entire experience? It is very disappointing to have to set aside your smartphone to cool down before continuing with the gaming session. Understanding this need for the smartphone, Samsung has launched its new smartphone which will be very cool and will give the best performance. The Galaxy F23 5G smartphone has been brought with a unique technology that keeps the device cool. For the first time in the Galaxy F series, Power Cool technology has been used which will ensure that there is no heating issue in the latest Galaxy F23 5G. Whether it is playing heavy duty games or watching your favorite show for 24 hours or video calling your friends, Galaxy F23 5G will give you an immersive experience thanks to Power Cool technology.

For the first time, Galaxy F23 5G comes with RAM Plus feature

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If you are a power user then we are pretty sure that you would need multiple apps at once i.e. multitasking. Too many apps is not a problem, but keeping all these apps open depends on the capacity of the RAM. To make the device run smoothly, many smartphones close those apps which are not active for a long time. Samsung has taken care of such fine issues and has given the RAM Plus feature in the Galaxy F23 5G smartphone. For the first time in the Galaxy F Series, this feature has made its place and this feature will be very much liked by the power user.

For the first time in Samsung Galaxy F23 5G, the RAM Plus feature has been given to enable the device to operate smoothly without any interruption, which can almost double the existing RAM by boosting it! This means that the 6GB RAM variant can go up to 12GB RAM. How the technology works and doubles the RAM is also very interesting. Samsung has used Intelligent Memory Expansion technology which uses the internal storage to offer additional RAM.

Smooth and Tough Experience with 120Hz Gorilla Glass 5


Smartphone displays have come a long way. Nowadays smartphone displays have to maintain crisp color production, great viewing angles and great smoothness. Not only this, but the display of the smartphone should also be strong enough to withstand a drop or two. Samsung, the leader company in display technology, has considered all these factors and has given the best display in Galaxy F23 5G. Keeping in mind the smoothness and strength of the display, the Galaxy F23 5G uses 120Hz Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display for the first time.

The 6.5-inch Full HD+ Infinity-U 120Hz display ensures that you get the best experience while using the smartphone and the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 will help protect your new smartphone from accidental drops. With the Galaxy F23 5G, Samsung is clearly breaking the notion of smartphone displays being fragile.


Apart from all these great features, you will be able to do a lot more with the Galaxy F23 5G. The smartphone is packed with an impressive 50MP triple camera setup with a 123-degree ultra-wide lens that will help you capture stunning landscapes or a group of your friends in a single frame.

For the first time, the smartphone has been launched with Auto Data Switching feature which will help you to make calls, receive and use data from the secondary SIM even when there is no connectivity in the primary SIM. The smartphone has a massive 5000mAh battery which supports 25W fast charging.

With all its impressive features, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is about to start the ‘Frevolution’ and change the way we look at mid-range smartphones. If you are planning to buy the smartphone then you can bring the device home in the Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale, which has gone live from May 3. In this cell, you will be able to buy Galaxy F23 5G for Rs 13999, this price is for the 4GB + 128GB variant of the phone, while the 6GB + 128GB variant will cost Rs 14999.

*Both the prices include an instant bank cashback.

Disclaimer: The article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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