Panjshir ahmad massoud vs taliban: Taliban Panjshir Attack

Panjshir ahmad massoud vs taliban: Taliban Panjshir Attack
Written by Arindam
Panjshir ahmad massoud vs taliban: Taliban Panjshir Attack

Panjshir: Once again a fierce battle has broken out in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan. Supporters of Tajik leader Ahmed Masood have claimed to have killed dozens of Taliban militants and captured three major districts. The National Resistance Front (NRF) of Ahmed Masood, known as the Sher of Panjshir, has now started responding to the Taliban with a guerrilla attack in the same language. Frightened by this, the Taliban have sent thousands of soldiers and heavy weapons to the valley of Panjshir.

Afghanistan’s well-known journalist Bilal Sarwari tweeted a video made by the Taliban and told that a large number of Taliban soldiers have gathered in the Panjshir Valley. Tanks and many other armed vehicles are seen with them. Earlier, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah had claimed that no military action was going on in the Panjshir Valley. Meanwhile, the Taliban are also being accused of targeting civilians in Panjshir. The Taliban have also been accused of taking many civilians hostage.

Taliban sent troops to Panjshir to quell the insurgency
NRF spokesperson Ali Nazari said that his organization has waged a guerrilla war in the Panjshir Valley. This is the first time since the Taliban came to power in August that coordinated attacks are being carried out against the terrorist organization. He told that these attacks are being carried out on the orders of Tajik leader Ahmed Masood. Nazari said Masood’s influence would continue in the 12 provinces. Another NRF spokesperson Sebghatullah Ahmadi has claimed that 22 Taliban militants have been killed in the fighting.

The Taliban has rejected this claim of the NRF. The NRF also claimed to have taken 6 Taliban terrorists hostage and destroyed 7 tanks. A spokesman for the Taliban governor in Panjshir said small-scale attacks had begun in Dara district. Three of our people have been injured in this. This claim of the Taliban does not seem to have any merit. This is the reason why the Taliban has sent a large number of troops to the Panjshir Valley to quell the insurgency.

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