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Pakistan Petrol Price Donkey Cart : Pakistani Employee Asks To Come Office On Donkey Amid Petrol Price Hike
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Islamabad : The rising price of petrol in Pakistan has become a problem for the people. The issues on which the Shahbaz government came to power surrounded Imran Khan, now the same issues are standing in front of him as a challenge. Recently, the government increased the price of petrol by Rs 30, which is a big blow to the people. An employee of Islamabad Airport has put forth a strange demand in front of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) while protesting against the rising prices. The demand of the employee is that he should be allowed to come to the office riding on a donkey.

According to the news of Express News, in his letter to the DG CAA, Asif Iqbal said that due to the rising prices of petrol, it is not possible that he can come to the office by his own means. So he has asked permission to bring a donkey cart to the office. Iqbal said that despite the rising inflation in the country, the authority has stopped the transport facility. He told that both petrol allowance and pick and drop service have been stopped.
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The company called Demand a media stunt
A CAA spokesperson has called the employee’s demand just a media stunt. The spokesperson has suggested Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro instead of donkey-cart. He said that this letter has been written only to attract the attention of the media. Petrol prices in Pakistan have increased by a total of Rs 60 in less than a month. On Thursday, the Shahbaz government increased the price of petrol and diesel by Rs 30 per liter.

Imran targeted by giving example of India
According to the new prices, petrol is now being sold in Pakistan for Rs 209.86 per liter, high-speed diesel at Rs 204.15, kerosene at Rs 181.95 and light diesel at Rs 178.31. This move of the government is being fiercely criticized on social media. Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan criticized this move of the government and said that our government has increased the price by Rs 30, while India has reduced the price of oil by Rs 25. It shows the difference in decision making between a free and a slave country.

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