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Written by Arindam

Internet websites have lots of helpful information. But unfortunately, many are littered with online advertising, which comes in many forms, including web banners, pictures, embedded audio and video, pop-up windows, and more. For many, these ads take away from the user experience. Not to worry, as there are lots of ad blocking tools available. There are various reasons to consider using ad blockers and also many benefits. 

Reasons and benefits to using ad blockers

The No. 1 reason most would cite for using an ad blocker is to eliminate webpage disruptions. Depending on the site and the quality of the ads, the advertising can cause the accidental removal of text, page cluttering, and loading issues. Another reason for using an ad blocker is to protect your privacy. By design, most advertisers now use background tracking tools such as cookies to create ads based on your online history. This is why, for example, you might visit to look for a new television and soon after start seeing ads for smart TVs on Facebook and other social networking sites you visit. 

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