Ola gives free electric scooter worth Rs 1.29 lakh, know why?

Ola gives free electric scooter worth Rs 1.29 lakh, know why?
Written by Arindam

For some time now, Ola S1 Pro has been in the news a lot due to its flaws as compared to other electric scooters apart from selling in India. Now you must also be thinking that we must have also brought some fire or other bad news but it is not so. We are telling you about an Ola S1 Pro user named Karthik, who shared a stunning photo of his scooter’s dashboard on Twitter on 16 May.

Karthik was one of the customers who recently got the Move OS 2.0 Beta-1 update for testing. The update brings some features like locking and unlocking feature via smartphone, music streaming, phone connectivity via Bluetooth, turn-by-turn navigation and a new riding mode called Eco Mode. The top will be capped at 45 kmph in Eco mode and will get a higher range.

Ola S1 Pro will get 202Km range record

shared by karthik Photo In the US, their Ola S1 Pro scooter has got a range of 202Km in a single charge. This powerful move has been achieved with the new Eco riding mode. The image also shows an average speed of 27 Km per hour and a top speed of 48 Km per hour. After 202Km range, the battery is still 3 percent. Users claim that usage was 50 per cent in traffic and 50 per cent on national highways.

The user tagged Ola Electric and its CEO Bhavish Aggarwal on Twitter, showing his achievement. Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal replied to that tweet from his official account. In his tweet, he praised the Ola S1 Pro user and said that he has broken the record by achieving more than 200km range in a single charge.

He also announced that a new Gerua S1 Pro is being given to Karthik for free. Soon after, the Ola CEO posted a photo gifting Kartik the new S1 Pro in ocher color. During this, Karthik was wearing a T-shirt with the hashtag End ICE Age, delivered of the Ola electric scooter found in the gift. Ola is encouraging its customers to enjoy the new milestone of Ola scooters by giving them gifts like free S1 pro. This also makes it clear that the new Move OS 2.0 update brings new features to the S1 Pro.

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