Not Only Your Teeth But Cavity Can Damage Your Oral Health Be Aware

Not Only Your Teeth But Cavity Can Damage Your Oral Health Be Aware
Written by Arindam
Not Only Your Teeth But Cavity Can Damage Your Oral Health Be Aware

Cavity Care: Cavity is also called worm in the tooth in common language. When this happens, first of all a black mark starts appearing in the tooth or molar, which gradually gets bigger. There comes a time when this black mark darkens your entire molar and your molars or teeth suddenly break while eating something… This is because this cavity has weakened your tooth . But the fear after having a cavity is not limited to just breaking a tooth. Rather, there can be many other problems, which can be very heavy…

nerve compression between teeth
There are fine nerves and blood vessels between the teeth. When a cavity occurs in your tooth, it can also compress these nerves and vessels, which can increase both your pain and expenses.

the cavity grows
The cavity enlarges so much that it starts infecting the tissues inside the tooth. Due to this, the problem of toothache and sensation in the teeth increases. In this condition, you wake up shivering while eating cold or hot food.

Root canal will be needed
If you allow the cavity to grow, then root canal is the only method left in this situation, through which you can get rid of your pain. But this process itself is also very painful. Therefore, as soon as the cavity starts, going to the dentist is a better option.

increased pain due to inflammation

If the cavity is not taken care of on time, then the infection reaches the inner nerves of the tooth while growing. Due to such inflammation and infection, the blood supply to this nerve stops and the nerve becomes dead due to the closure of blood supply. When the nerve becomes dead, you get rid of the pain, but the process of tooth decay continues. And this tooth can be completely weakened and break at any time and can cause injury, infection spread or bleeding in the mouth.

mouth infections

It is not that having cavity only puts you at risk of dental problems, but having dead cells in the mouth also puts your entire mouth at risk of getting many other infections. The cells that die due to cavity remain in the mouth and due to this other harmful bacteria get an environment to grow. Due to this, infection can reach the floor of the mouth, throat or even the cheeks. You may have pain in your jaw line or you may be suffering from fever. In some special cases, the infection reaches to the brain.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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