New Business Idea Start Kulhad Business With 5 Thousand Investment Get Good Income

New Business Idea Start Kulhad Business With 5 Thousand Investment Get Good Income
Written by Arindam

Kulhad Manufacturing Business: Many times people want to start their own business (New Business Idea) but, due to lack of money, they are not able to do so. But, today we are going to tell you about such a business plan in which you can get maximum returns by investing very little.

Whenever you go to the railway station or bus stand, you will find many people selling tea in Kulhad there. The taste of Kulhad tea is very good. Nowadays the government is also encouraging the business of making kulhads. Keeping in view the protection of the environment, the government is also encouraging Kulhad tea. Nowadays there is a lot of demand of Kulhad in the market too.

The demand for Kulhad is increasing in the market
Let us tell you that the government will also help you in starting the business of Kulhad. For this, the government provides electric wheels. With this you can make maximum number of kulhads in less time. You can buy electric chalk from the government at a low price. For some time, in view of the cleanliness of the environment, many non-governmental organizations have been demanding to ban plastic. In such a situation, the demand for Kulhad is likely to increase in the coming time.

will earn so much
Let us tell you that to open this business of Kulhad, you will have to invest Rs 5,000. You can make and sell thousands of Kulhads every day. The rate of tea kulhad in the market is 100 kulhad for Rs 50, lassi kulhad is the rate of 100 kulhad for Rs 150 and milk cup kulhad is running at Rs 100 a hundred.

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