Nautapa 2022 What Is The Relation Between Nautapa And Sun What To Do And What Not To Do During This Time

Nautapa 2022 What Is The Relation Between Nautapa And Sun What To Do And What Not To Do During This Time
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Nautapa 2022 and Sun Connection, Nautapa is directly related to the scorching heat of the Sun. The beginning of Nautapa starts from Rohini region and lasts for 9 days. From May 25 to June 2 this year, the effect of Nautapa can be seen. Strong wind, rain and tornado conditions are created in Nautapa. Due to the scorching heat of the Sun, there is a scorching heat. According to scientific belief, the direct rays of the sun fall on the earth, and the atmosphere becomes hot, which creates a situation of storms and storms, the outbreak of heat in most parts of the country increases, dust storms and severe heat disrupt life. gets busy. In view of the current position of the planets, there is a possibility of divine calamities in the eastern, western and southern part of the country. According to the belief of astrology, such a position of the Sun is indicating inauspicious and inauspicious. In such a situation, it is necessary to think many times before starting any work.

what No do

  • In view of the severe wrath of the Sun and the scorching heat, due to the possibility of dust storm and rain, people are advised not to do auspicious programs like marriage.
  • Due to the Sun being in Rohini Nakshatra, its direct rays fall on the earth, due to which the temperature of the earth increases. Strong winds blow, tornado conditions are created. In such a situation, people should not think of traveling far.
  • Sun stays in Rohini Nakshatra for 15 days, due to which there is a possibility of rain along with scorching heat. In such a situation, life becomes busy. People should avoid social programs of any kind.

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