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Multibagger Return Penny Stocks 6000 Percent Gains In A Year Whats Driving These Penny Stocks
– Newshubweek
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Penny Stocks Return: Investing in Penny Stocks is considered to be very risky. This is because penny stocks fall very sharply. Many times it has happened that penny stocks fell up to 90 percent in the short term itself. But, it is not that every penny stock has only given a loss to the investors. Even now many penny stocks are giving multibagger returns.

Today we will tell you about three such penny stocks, which have made investors crazy in just one year. These multibagger penny stocks have given returns of up to 6,000 per cent to their investors in a single year.

Cressanda Solutions

This is also a penny stock of the stock market, whose value was less than one rupee a year ago. This stock, which traded at 60 paise per share in June 2021, has now reached Rs 34. In this way, this stock has made a huge jump of 5,400 percent in just one year. The market capitalization of the company is 34 billion rupees. Crescenda Solutions provides IT, Digital Media and IT enabled services.

There have been some such incidents in the last three months, which have had a very positive impact on the stock of the company. This year the company has appointed Preeti Das, who has worked in senior positions at Microsoft and Oracle Financial Services, as director. To strengthen its presence in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space, the company has acquired 100% stake in Lucida Technologies, Bangalore.

Raj Rayon Industries

According to the news, a year ago the share price of this Raj Rayon Industries was less than 50 paise. Within a year, it reached Rs 15. In this way, this stock has given a multibagger return of 6,165 percent in one year itself. Raj Rayon’s December quarter results were quite unexpected. There was a huge increase in the profit of the company in this quarter. The company was incurring losses in the previous seven quarters. The promoters of Raj Rayon Industries sold all their shares in the March 2022 quarter. Now promoter stake is zero in this. The situation is that no one is ready to sell this multibagger stock. The company manufactures polyester chips, polyester yarn and processed yarn.

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