Multibagger Farming Business Idea Start Tuberose Farming Earning Lakh Rupees Know How To Start

Multibagger Farming Business Idea Start Tuberose Farming Earning Lakh Rupees Know How To Start
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Multibagger Business IdeaAs soon as the matter of business comes to the fore, people are often afraid of investing lakhs of crores of rupees. However, the reality is that you can earn bumper profits even with very little investment. In this episode, you are being given information about the business of Tuberose Flowers.

These flowers of tuberose remain fresh and fragrant for a long time. This is the reason why their demand is very good in the market. You can see a huge demand for tuberose flowers from bouquets to wedding ceremonies. They are also used in making perfumes.

cultivators grew

A large number of people have left traditional farming and now people have started adopting commercial farming like tuberose flower. In India, it is cultivated on a large scale in other states including West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh. It is being cultivated in about 20 thousand hectare area in the country.

Apart from the country, it is also cultivated in countries like France, Italy, South Africa, America etc. By the way, let us tell you that tuberose originated in Mexico.

If you do farming like this, then profits will increase

For the cultivation of tuberose flowers, first you have to prepare the field. You first apply good compost of 6-8 trolley cow dung per acre. Also, fertilizers like DAP can also be used. It is cultivated from tubers like potatoes. And there are about 20 thousand tubers in one acre. For good yields, it is always more beneficial to plant fresh, good and large tubers. You can also take financial support from the government for its cultivation.

Earning up to Rs 6 lakh possible

Now you must be thinking that how much will be earned from the cultivation of this flower? If you cultivate tuberose flowers in one acre, then you get about 1 lakh sticks i.e. flowers in it. You can sell these in nearby flower markets.

Not only this, they can be easily sold in nearby temples, flower shops, wedding houses etc. One flower of tuberose sells for 1.5 to 6 rupees. This means that you can earn from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh from flowers grown in one acre.

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