most venomous spider: strange hobby of woman! one, not two…

most venomous spider: strange hobby of woman!  one, not two…
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London : A British woman has put 400 spiders in her house, many of which are extremely poisonous and dangerous. Because of this, friends of Bethany Staples have stopped coming to their house. The 28-year-old woman says that most people do not come inside her house. Spiders have occupied an entire room. Bethany has accommodated 150 adults and 250 children in her empty room, including several poisonous species such as Thailand’s tarantula.

According to the news of Dailystar, Bethany started raising them to overcome her fear of spiders. He says that this hobby has completely eliminated his fear. Bethany said, ‘These are like Pokemon. I want to catch them all. This hobby is kind of an addiction because there are many types of spiders. Bethany started catching spiders for the first time in 2020 and started breeding last year.

Fear of woman turned into hobby
‘When I first moved into my own home, I wanted a low-maintenance pet,’ she said. I never thought they would be spiders because I was so afraid of them. I didn’t like it at all. But Bethany’s fear soon turned into a hobby. “There are 100,000 different types of tarantulas,” he said. The poison of some is more dangerous than others.

Tarantula poison cannot kill humans
Bethany said that no tarantula’s venom can kill a human. She gives spiders a dose of insects and cockroaches once a week. Bethany also raises scorpions, lizards, millipedes and dogs. He said that it takes me a few hours to feed them. If it weren’t for the low maintenance, I wouldn’t have been able to maintain them in such large numbers.

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