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Marsh taps global renewable energy leader
Written by Arindam

Kolodner has more than 20 years of operational, brokerage, advisory and underwriting experience in clean energy risk and insurance management. He is a former US Navy nuclear submarine officer, and has served as risk manager for Exelon Corporation, leader of Marsh’s US nuclear energy practice, and vice president of underwriting for Nuclear Electric Insurance.

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“As the global energy industry continues to evolve, we are looking for ways to help it accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources and technologies,” George said. “To do that, it is critical that we maintain our focus on providing innovative risk and insurance solutions to operators, developers, and investors around the world. I am confident that under Mike’s leadership, we will continue to foster the innovation and agility required to support the increased demand for renewable energy sources.”

“The risk landscape is becoming increasingly complex for energy companies,” Kolodner said. “From technological advancements and supply chain complexities to shifting regulatory requirements and extreme weather events, the industry needs an experienced risk advisor that can bring tailored risk and insurance strategies to their unique needs.

“Marsh’s renewable energy team supports more than 2,000 clients operating more than 640 gigawatts of renewable energy production through wind, solar, hydro, energy storage, and biomass. I am excited to be part of Marsh’s global team of energy specialists to help enable renewable energy initiatives.”

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