Macs aren’t the future of PC gaming, but integrated graphics are-Newshubweek

An Apple MacBook Air on a desk, with a red circle-and-bar
Written by Arindam

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, beloved TechRadar readers. I come before you today to offer a rebuttal of sorts to last week’s article from the lovely John Loeffler, in which he posited that MacBooks could become the new place for PC gamers to enjoy their favorite games.

Apple’s shiny new M1 and M2 processors, along with the company’s resurrected drive to commit to gaming as a profit avenue, certainly seem to fit the bill here. Apple was once one of the key driving forces behind the expansion of the PC gaming industry, providing a home for some of the best-selling games of the 90s. Armed with its new M-series SoCs (system-on-a-chip), the Californian firm has ditched Intel processors and starting to make gaming a viable option on its latest laptops.

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