Loo Sunstroke Heatstroke Symptoms Warning Signs Home Remedies And Treatment

Loo Sunstroke Heatstroke Symptoms Warning Signs Home Remedies And Treatment
Written by Arindam
Loo Sunstroke Heatstroke Symptoms Warning Signs Home Remedies And Treatment

Heatstroke Or Sunstroke: What happens after a heat stroke, how can you know if you or a family member has got a heat stroke? Once it is known, many questions like how it should be treated, come together in the mind. Because heatstroke may be a seasonal problem, but if it is not treated on time, then it also becomes life-threatening. First of all, know about the symptoms of heatstroke.

  • After a heat stroke, the body is unable to regulate its temperature and the temperature keeps on increasing continuously.
  • Even after increasing the body temperature, sweating does not happen at all.
  • Persistent nausea and vomiting may also occur.
  • Red marks, rashes or rashes may appear on the skin.
  • heart beats fast
  • Headache persists
  • The mental state starts deteriorating, there is no power to think or understand anything.
  • If you try to think something, then you do not remember things.
  • The fever keeps on increasing.
  • Skin feels dry but very soft.

Why does the problem of heatstroke occur?

There are many reasons for the problem of heatstroke and most of the reasons are related to your lifestyle. As…

  • From cold weather or say suddenly coming in strong sunlight and heat from AC room.
  • spending more time in hot winds and sun
  • Exercising more in hot summer weather
  • drinking less water than the body needs
  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of cold things in the summer season. For example, curd, cucumber, watermelon etc.
  • Not choosing the right clothes. Avoid wearing clothes that do not allow air to pass through. It is best to wear cotton.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol is also heavy in the summer season and causes heatstroke. Because it weakens the body’s ability to regulate temperature.

What to do in case of heat stroke?

Even after many rescues and efforts, if you get caught in the heat of the sun, then in this situation your body is able to fight its bad effects. Because people who take the right diet and try to avoid the causes of heatstroke completely. His body becomes very strong internally. But still, if you get heat stroke, then first of all do these things…

  • First of all lie down in a cool place. But don’t turn on the AC too fast. Let the body breathe.
  • Wipe the body lightly with a wet cloth.
  • Try to normalize your breath and drink fresh water. Drinking electrol solution, lemonade is most beneficial.
  • Then keep a wet towel on the head for a while so that the brain can calm down.
  • Take a bath with fresh water when the body temperature is controlled.
  • In case of vomiting-abdominal pain and loose motion contact the doctor.
  • Even if there is a fever, do not take medicines from your mind and take medicines only after taking the suggestion of the doctor.

measures to prevent heatstroke

  • Avoid going out in strong sunlight and hot winds.
  • If for some reason you have to step out of the house in high heat, then go out after drinking lemonade or electrol.
  • Do not depend only on fresh water to meet the amount of fluid in the body. Rather drink desi drinks like cold milk and coconut water.
  • Stay away from soda, cold drinks, coffee and tea as much as possible. It works by reducing the amount of water in the body. This increases the risk of heatstroke.
  • Wear cotton clothes and wear full-sleeved clothes before going out in the sun.
  • Use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun. Cover the head with a towel or wear a hat.
  • Keep the nose and mouth part covered with a mask or keep a handkerchief tied.
  • Keep your ears covered with a scarf, towel or cotton scarf. Keeping the ears covered helps in controlling the body temperature.
  • Carry a water bottle with you and do not tolerate thirst.
  • Never go in the sun or in hot winds on an hungry stomach.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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