LockBit ransomware leaked online by angry developer-Newshubweek

Ransomware attack on a computer
Written by Arindam

LockBit ransomware leaked online by angry developer Newshubweek

Someone has leaked the latest version of LockBit’s encryptor to the internet, and while at first it might seem like a data breach and theft, the ransomware operator’s public representative claims it’s actually the work of a disgruntled developer.

A brand new Twitter account named Ali Qushji claimed their team hacked the servers of LockBit and found a builder for the LockBit 3.0 ransomware encryptor. Following the tweet, malware source code library VX-Underground chimed in, saying they were contacted by a user named “protonleaks” on September 10, with the same content. 

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