iPhone 15 Pro could jump to 8GB RAM, include a periscope camera-Newshubweek

Images of the iPhone 14 Pro Max
Written by Arindam

iPhone 15 Pro could jump to 8GB RAM include a

We’re only just getting used to the iPhone 14 being out in the wild, but the rumors are already flying about what Apple might do with its successor – and a new iPhone 15 report suggests that the Pro models are set to get 8GB of RAM and a periscope camera.

This comes from the industry analysts at Trendforce (opens in new tab) (via SamMobile (opens in new tab)), who have a reasonable record when it comes to predicting what Apple’s hardware department is going to produce. Apparently, “chances are high” for an 8GB RAM boost in the Pro and Pro Max and improvements to the camera technology, specifically for the Pro Max.

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