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inspiring weight loss journey how this man lost 25 kgs in 1 year
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Fitness is an important part of our life. A little carelessness towards it can not only increase your weight, but can also give you the title of a lethargic and dull person. A living example of this is 48-year-old Anchal Dwivedi. Anchal Dwivedi was a fun and sporty person during his college days. He loved meeting and interacting with new people. But due to some reasons his weight had increased to 101 kg. Not only did they see a decrease in their social abilities, but they also felt a change in themselves in terms of physical appearance.

He felt as if it was not his body. Then he joined the gym to bring fitness back on track. After a month of regular gym sessions, his wife encouraged him to participate in the half marathon and since then he has participated in several marathons. Due to hard work, he lost 25 kg in just 1 year. Let us know about the weight loss journey of Anchal Dwivedi.

  1. Name- Anchal Dwivedi
  2. Age – 48 years
  3. Profession- Real Estate Investor
  4. The highest recorded weight – 101 kg
  5. Reduced weight – 25 kg
  6. Weight loss time – 1 year

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When did the turning point come

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Anchal says that I was a very good sports person in college. But I noticed a lot of change in my lifestyle after few years. Another form of change that I saw was my social ability. The funnier person I used to be, the more introverted I was. I didn’t like talking to people anymore. When I looked in the mirror I realized that this is not really my body.

I wanted to be healthy and happy again. For this I joined gym and started meeting new people. For 6 months I exercised continuously. Then my wife signed me up for my first half marathon.

From 2015 to 2021, I participated in several marathons such as 6 triathlons, 4 spartan obstetric races, 2 ironmans, 56 miles of bikes. I also signed up for Ironman 70.3 in October and Full Ironman in November 2022.

what diet

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  1. breakfast – Non-fat Greek yogurt with banana, chia seeds and granola. Yogurt with banana, greens, mixed berries, chia seeds and plant-based protein. Also Overnight Oatmeal with Fruits.
  2. Lunch- Rice and beans or gram/carrot/olive oil salad or pasta with lots of vegetables.
  3. dinner- Team with boiled eggs, a large bowl of salad and some rice.
  4. Pre-Workout Meals- If the workout is less than 45 minutes, then I workout on an empty stomach. But for long and high intensity workouts, I eat sweet potatoes, bananas, granola bars and avocado toast.
  5. post workout meal Protein/ Fruits/ Vegetables/ Nuts/ Almond Butter Smoothie/ Chocolate Milk.

workout regimen

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Anchal says that I exercise for one and a half to two hours every week and 3 hours on Saturdays. Swimming on Monday and Friday, while on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I do a combination of HIIT, cycling and running.

fitness secret-

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The circle says that do not fall into the trap of weight loss diet. Get daily macros and micronutrients without unprocessed food. Weight loss should not be your goal. Make fitness your fitness value. Try to stay relaxed through meditation, being close to nature with a cold bath and exercising every day.

How to keep yourself motivated

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According to Aanchal, I focus on my energy. I celebrate each step by breaking big goals into smaller steps.

What are the problems faced by being overweight?

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The circle states that being overweight My self-confidence started waning and my joints started hurting.

What lifestyle changes did you make?
Aanchal says that I am always aware of what I am eating. I make sure that everything I eat has some nutritional value. I have balanced my macro intake and learned about micronutrients.

What did you learn from your own weightloss?

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Mental change is as important as physical. According to Aanchal, if you want to make a lasting change, you must pay a lot of attention to lifestyle.

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Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

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