Indoor And Outdoor Plants For Healt And Prosperity Air Purifier Plants

Indoor And Outdoor Plants For Healt And Prosperity Air Purifier Plants
Written by Arindam
Indoor And Outdoor Plants For Healt And Prosperity Air Purifier Plants

Air Purifier Plants: Nowadays, many diseases are being caused by breathing in polluted air. In such a situation, you should definitely plant a few plants in the house. In summer, the plants kept outside in the balcony dry up. That’s why you can buy indoor plants and bring them. The specialty of indoor plants is that they also purify the air in your house. These plants also act as air purifiers.

Apart from this, these plants should also be planted to bring happiness and wealth and prosperity in the house. Today we are telling you some such plants which will make your home beautiful and will help in maintaining happiness and peace in your house.

1- Money Plant- Money plant is a very good plant to keep indoors. By planting this plant in the house, wealth and prosperity increase. Its green leaves are soothing to the eyes. You can also decorate it on the table. You can gift the money plant in Diwali by putting a ribbon in a beautiful glass jar or pot.

2- Bamboo Tree- Bamboo tree is called lucky bamboo plant. Bamboo brings wealth, prosperity, good fortune and peace to the house. The bamboo tree in the house also acts as an air purifier. You can keep it inside the house by putting it in a jar or a glass bottle.

3- Peace Lily- Peace lily is a very good plant in indoor plants. It looks green and beautiful in appearance. Lily will fill your home with fragrance. This white and green plant is considered a symbol of luck and peace, it also works to purify the air.

4- Sevanti- Sevanti plant is a very beautiful plant. Its yellow flowers look very big and beautiful. Flowers come on this plant in winter, so you can keep it indoors as well.

5- Giloy and Aloe Vera- Both Giloy and Aloe Vera are very useful plants. Aloe vera and Giloy are used in many medicines. Giloy’s vine looks very beautiful. On the other hand, aloe vera makes your skin and hair beautiful. Aloe vera also works to purify the air.

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