India Taliban News: Taliban foreign ministryhi Abdul Qahar Balk has said that the Taliban have open communication channels with India is

India Taliban News: Taliban foreign ministryhi Abdul Qahar Balk has said that the Taliban have open communication channels with India is
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Kabul: After capturing Afghanistan, the Taliban have now understood the importance of India. The Taliban spokesperson has requested India to at least open the consular section of its embassy. Taliban Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Kahar Balkhi said that the Islamic Emirate government of Afghanistan has also opened a communication channel for talks with India. It has been more than 8 months since the Taliban captured Afghanistan, yet no country in the world has recognized the Islamic Emirate government. In such a situation, the Taliban, which is facing global isolation, is now trying to improve its relations with the important countries of the world.

Appeal to India to open the consular section of the embassy
Abdul Kahar Balkhi during an interaction with WION NEWS said that India can at least open the consular section of the embassy in Kabul in line with international practices as we live in an inter-connected world. This also includes Afghan citizens who have been suffering from war for four decades. There is a need to meet the education, medical, occupation and other needs of these people. India closed its embassy in Kabul after the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August last year. Despite this, India has helped the Afghan people on humanitarian grounds in the last few months by sending several consignments of wheat and corona vaccine.

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India sent wheat and vaccine to Afghanistan
During Russia-mediated talks in Moscow, India had promised to provide 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan. To fulfill this promise, the Indian government has sent a consignment of wheat to Afghanistan via Pakistan. After the formation of the US-backed government in Afghanistan, a large number of Afghan students used to come to India to study. Many of these students were trapped in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over. In such a situation, the future of these students hangs in the balance. Now the Talibani Foreign Ministry spokesman said that they have requested India to provide necessary facilities to help them return to complete their courses.

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Taliban said – will remember India’s help
When asked about relations with India, Spokesperson Abdul Kahar Balkhi said that we want positive relations with all countries including India based on mutual respect and interests. We have also established a communication line for dialogue with India. And on several occasions we have met representatives of India. We appreciate the humanitarian assistance provided by India to the Afghan people and see it as a gesture of goodwill towards Afghanistan. India offered to provide wheat as Afghanistan faced a challenging winter due to international sanctions. We will always remember those who helped Afghanistan in our time of need.

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Taliban supports India at Chabahar port
Regarding the Chabahar port, the Taliban said that we support all regional connectivity projects and believe that the prospect of international prosperity cannot be achieved unless Afghanistan serves as a center for regional connectivity and economic activity. Regarding India’s projects in Afghanistan, Taliban said that all the projects serving the interests of the Afghan people of India are being maintained and which are left half-finished, we urge all countries including India to join our Complete them to increase friendship between countries.

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