If You Have Just Got Married Or Are About To Get Married, Then Know That Do Not Make These Mistakes Even By Forgetting In The New Marriage

If You Have Just Got Married Or Are About To Get Married, Then Know That Do Not Make These Mistakes Even By Forgetting In The New Marriage
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Relationship Tips: Wedding season is in full swing. Many people are getting tied in this bond, and some are preparing to be tied. It is also said that a new chapter of life begins after marriage. In such a situation, it is the hope of all the new couples that this new chapter of their life should be decorated with golden letters and moments. Everyone decorates dreams, but it rarely happens that all the dreams set in the eyes are fulfilled.

Every new couple who gets married makes some such mistakes, due to which this chapter of their life gets filled with moments like ups and downs, estrangement, quarrels, and all the dreams remain in abeyance. In such a situation, if you have also got married or are about to get married, then it is very important for you to know these mistakes. So that you do not repeat the mistakes that others have repeated.

No one is perfect, don’t strive for perfection
At the time of relationship before marriage, the effort is here that the pair is perfect. But there is a big difference between seeing, knowing and living together from afar. It is not necessary that everything should be the same as you thought. If you feel that you do everything well or believe in living a routine based life, then it is not necessary that your partner is also like you.

In such a situation, you should emphasize that your partner and you should get some time in which both of you can know each other’s good habits, living habits, likes and dislikes. In such a situation, both of you will be helped in adjusting with each other. Don’t ever want your partner to be perfectionist immediately after marriage because no one is perfect at once.

Expecting too much will disappoint you and spoil the relationship.
Expecting too much always creates a rift in the relationship. It is generally seen that new couples often make such mistakes. The result is that instead of being sweet, the relationship starts getting bitter. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary that you do not expect more from your partner.

It is seen in new couples that they expect their partner to take them out every day, both will spend more time together and much more. But every day is not the same. The partner has many other tasks that need to be done. In such a situation, it is important that in the initial days of marriage, you should discuss among yourself about your financial condition, busy in work and how much time you can give to your partner.

Confusion about creating balance in partner or family
You must have often heard people say that so many things changed after marriage. Such taunts are heard from family or friends. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the coming of change. After marriage, you want to give time to your partner, but you cannot change the routine that you have made, or rather you want to remain in your comfort zone and at the same time expect the partner to adapt to you. We do. This worsens the relationship.

Keep in mind that your priorities were different when you were single before marriage, but after marriage your priorities need to change. Giving time to the new life you have started should be high on your priority list. However, this does not mean that you should not give priority to family and friends. This relationship is like a newborn who just wants a little more care.

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